Homeowners Beware Of Remodeling Disasters

Home Builders are in trouble: all over the Country, and their turning to Remodeling jobs like Basements, Kitchens, and Bathrooms, and home renovations, like flooring, siding, roofing, and repairs.

Home Building vs Remodeling: Most home builders are very good at what they do. We’ve all driven by new homes being built; the dust is flying, and the subcontractors working for the builder are hard at work at their various trades.

Home Builders: use Subcontractors that are not used to coming in and out of existing homes. People are living in these homes, and there are endless problems associated with privacy, trust, and damaging the existing home being repaired or remodeled.

Remodelers: Are skilled at taking your house apart, protecting the existing furnishings, and putting it back together again. Most experienced remodelers have Designers, showrooms, product knowledge, and a carefully selected group of trusted contractors that are used to taking homes apart, and putting them back together again. They are very experienced at keeping your home clean and safe for your family. Remodelers are also much more careful when hiring subcontractors, they really do have to check them out.

Home Building and Remodeling: are two very different businesses! There are two very different skill sets, and levels of expertise involved here. Don’t find out the hard way. The new home market is very slow right now, and you’re going to here Cheap, guaranteed, fast, best this best that, but you don’t want to be part of their learning curve as they adopt to working in existing homes.