Make Your Old Home Furnishings Functional Again

Old furnishings may be a chief hassle when it comes to your interior decorating. What we refer to are aged furniture – pieces of furniture that are used, aged, weathered, those that have witnessed better days. Parting with aged furnishings is not easy for other reasons such as sentimental motives and uncertainty to dispose of something you paid good currency for. The most commonsensical thing to make with this furniture is to reuse it to create it into something new and functional.. Here are a few ideas to update aged furniture:

A squeaking cabinet is uncomplicated to deal with, but a cupboard that has lost its luster, worn of its painting, and is roughly dilapidating is another thing. You can, of course, try to rebuild it with a hammer, a few nails, and a fresh coat of paint. However, you can save yourself the hassle by means of putting it down and remodeling it into a new item of furniture. One majestic proposal is to tear the front of the cabinet off and make the resulting shell into a pet bed for your dog or cat. The only item that you will need to source is a cushion for your pet to rest upon. You may also want to buy paint to make the exterior look more modern.

Old drawers can be converted into quirky shelves. Take the drawers out of their chest and place or stack them strategically on top of one another. Simply buy some wallpaper and paint to apply to the outside of the shelves to make their appearance more modern and appealing. What to do with the drawer knobs? Interestingly, the drawers knobs can easily be mounted to a piece of wood and then attached to the wall to make convenient coat hangers. You can also nail them directly to the wall and hang photo frames or artworks. This is much more attractive than a simple nail in the wall, right?

Bath Tub
You can transform your shower tub into a time machine by hiring a mad scientist – we’re kidding, of course. The bathtub represents a unique challenge due to its large size and offensive hygenic condition. One creative idea is to hire a welder with a cutting torch to cut the bath tub in half to make two seats to use in your living room. Have the base and the sides where you lay your head and feet stuffed with a cushion. Place throw pillows and voila, a new piece to put in your living room or porch.

Wooden Door
Opposite of the bathtub, a wood door may be used to craft many projects throughout your home. If you place the door on top of two sawhorses, then what new item do you get? Obviously you get a unique and interesting dining table that is perfect for times when you have many guests in your home.

Cooking Pots
Create a rustic-looking garden by transforming worn baking pots and kettles into blossom pots. Not only are you recycling the metal in the pots and pans, but you are also making your garden into a unique sanctuary that is personalized to your personal taste.