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Reasons to Join a Home Improvement and Furnishings Club

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home without spending much, it’s wise to join a home improvement and furnishings club. Depending on the club you join, there are numerous benefits for members and you can save a bundle as you shop for anything you need inside and outside your home.

The sky’s the limit as far as home improvement items are concerned. A club can make it easy for you to update your furnishings, flooring, entertainment system and outdoor products. Often you only have to pay a reasonable membership fee to join the club. But this is a small price to pay for the benefits you’ll receive.

As a member, you’ll be entitled to purchase merchandise directly from manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. This eliminates the traditional retail mark-up including shipping and handling fees. To get the items you like, all you have to do is to visit the club’s website for product descriptions, pictures and prices. These sites may also feature decorating and remodeling tips, a directory of suppliers and other news. Or better yet, you can visit the club and view many of these items on display.

There are thousands of items to choose from such as kitchen cabinets, flat-screen TV sets and major appliances from hundreds of top manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. This makes shopping comfortable and worry-free since members buy directly from reliable manufacturers. In effect, a home improvement and furnishings club dramatically increases the purchasing power of its members. They can buy what they want for less.

Home Improvement And Repair Projects Have Never Been More Popular And Easier To Accomplish

The popularity of HGTV (Home & Garden Television) has created a
thriving market in do-it-yourself home improvement and interior
decorating. All sectors of the home improvement industry have
benefited since HGTV started airing in 1975.

The real estate boom was followed by a home improvement boom.
People would buy a old house and want to redecorate the house
from floor to ceiling. People who had lived in their houses for
a while wanted new kitchen cabinets. The home improvement shows
were an impetus for a massive movement by homeowners to start a
remodeling revolution

The home improvements that people take on include makeovers from
the attic to the basement. They perform functional repairs like
fixing a leaky roof, replacing windows, and adding more room to the
house. Then there are the projects that are just for the
beautification of the home like updating kitchen, remodeling a
master bedroom.

Some people use home improvement as a creative outlet. They paint
and redesign just for the satisfaction of improving their living
space. HGTV has been a large contributor to the home improvement

HGTV reaches 89 million households every week and over 800,000
nightly prime time viewers. The format of the show has been copied
several times and spin offs like Trading
Spaces, Extreme Makeovers. Viewers sit for hours watching
“Design on a Dime” “Devine Design”, “Landscapers Challenge”.
The home improvement shows just keep coming.

HGTV provides instructions for thousands of home improvement projects.
They provide video clips for everything from garden projects to
constructing a bed. HGTV is the one-stop resource for finding anything
you need for expert help with “doing it yourself” projects.

HGTV makes home improvement look easy and fun. HGTV gives viewers
new ideas and inspires the week end warrior to do some type of home
improvement project. HGTV mission is “to provide ideas, information,
and inspiration for decorating and home improvement”.

The impact that HGTV has on home improvement can be measured in these

  • Furniture sales grew by 75%, between Between 1995-2005
  • Sales of home furnishings increased 97% in this same period.
  • These items included soft goods as well, carpets, lamps, area rugs,
    linens, glassware

    People all over the country are decorating their homes to look like
    these superbly beautiful fantasy creations that they view on HGTV.
    If you are not a “do it yourselfer” you can just imagine the way your

    home might look when you go on tours of million dollar home all
    across the country. You see people who look like you making grand
    improvements to shacks that end up looking like your dream home.

    HGTV has had a dramatic impact on the home improvement industry
    because HGTV appeals to the age group of people who have the money
    to pay for major home improvement projects. The demographics of the
    typical HGTV is a female age 35-64 years old. Over 70% of HGTV
    viewers are females.
    That means that the female viewers are encouraging husband, fathers,
    brother to do the work so they can enjoy the benefits.
    The additional general consumer demographics for home improvement by
    female indicate:

  • They shop more often
  • Visit more stores
  • Spend more than the typical shopper
  • The target demographic for the Do It Yourself Website is:

  • Homeowners
  • Ages 25-54
  • Incomes of $60,000
  • Internet access
  • Propensity for home improvement
  • The home Improvement Research Institute studies show that both men
    and women are active participants in the planning of home improvement
    projects as well as the purchase of those products used for

    The Basics For Furnishing and Decorating Your New Home

    Some people see a new home as a challenge, while others see it as a great project starting in the simplest of ways. If you think about it, starting with a fresh slate is a bit easier than having to remodel, so the new home is the perfect way to start your home decor experience. Starting with a new home, you will need all the basic furniture assortments and decorating basics to make your home a reflection of yourself rather than just a space that is taken up with essential furnishing. There is a lot that will go into your home, starting with your personal touch.

    When you start out, you want to get the basic furniture for a new home. Though you will likely have a budget, you can still get the basic home decor without it costing an arm and a leg. There are great outlets available that offer discount furniture as well as many sites online where you can find used furniture for next to nothing. The basic furniture you will need will of course include: bed, dresser, TV stand, couch, coffee table, kitchen table and chairs. Other than that, you are purchasing extras so this can come later, after you have made your imprint on the home. Searching for these basic pieces of furniture, you should be seeking a similar look within each in order to create an overall style of the home decor. Some homeowners prefer to go in for a separate theme for each room. When looking for furniture, you will need to keep in mind the exact dimensions of each room as well as the style you are going for in that particular room.

    Once you choose your larger pieces of furniture, selecting the rest of the home decor accessories is easy. This will include basic accessories that every new homeowner needs to buy such as blinds, shades, lamps, curtains, table cloths, shower curtains, etc. There are many accessories that are needed to complete a new home’s basic style and impression; however these accessories don’t cost much, especially when purchased at discount stores. Don’t be in a hurry to buy your smaller decor items. Very often, you may chance upon something that is being sold at a throwaway price.

    Spend a day browsing through a few discount shops or go to a few flea markets. You’d be amazed at the treasures you will find here. An antique lamp, a Chinese tea pot, African masks… flea markets are a treasure trove for a new homeowner. Don’t forget to look for wall hangings and floor coverings. Interesting wall hangings create points of interest in the room and if you find something unique, it can be a great conversation piece at any social event. Look for something that will go with the theme of your general decor. Same with area rugs; a well chosen area rug that complements the decor theme can tie in all the elements of the room to create a look a look that truly harmonious.